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Oric Software & Book Lists

Last updated: 2nd July 2001
Welcome to my carefully compiled lists of Oric Software and books. These are pretty comprehensive regarding UK produced software and books, but nowhere near as complete for those items produced elsewhere. The lack of French software in this list is especially shocking! (I'm working on it!)

All the information so far has been gathered by myself by pouring through hundreds of magazines and publications as well as collecting books and software. Some rumours have also been used, as occasionally these have been correct!These projects are things I did for myself, simply out of interest, but over the years many people have asked questions about what was or wasn't available for the Oric. I have often been able to answer these questions thanks to the lists, so now I've decided to post them here so you can have a look for yourselves. If you can fill in any of the blanks then please let me know at I would be particularly interested to hear from any of the authors. Hopefully you will find these lists interesting. They will be of some use to the collectors out there.

I must admit that when I started this project I did not believe that there were that many programs and books available for the Oric. Many of the software titles are so rare, that I doubt any copies still remain in existance (let alone working copies). I think this is a great shame and I hope that if any of you have any of the rarer programs that you could try to make copies so that the code is saved. I have a few rare titles myself, which sadly will not load.

I'm working on some nice pictures to click on in future, but for now, choose the options below (at the moment, only the software list is available). Consider this a pre-release Beta version of the final page and let me know of any problems you might have or improvements which can be made.

Enter the Oric Software List WARNING - This is a big page (around 200K).