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Oric & Microtan 65 Links

Last updated: 15 November 2003
Oric World emulator location added.
Club Europe Oric link updated.
Peacer - removed, broken link.
Oric Articles From Magazines - removed, broken link.
Jedes Homepage - removed, broken link.
Tansoft / Orpheus Memories - removed, broken link.
Oric Ports - removed, broken link.
Oric User Monthly - removed, broken link.
Finnish Oric Adverts - removed, broken link.
Les Micros - removed, broken link.
Tangerine Microtan 65 Emulator - removed, broken link.
A nice long list of Oric related links can be found here. If you are looking for the Microtan 65 links, they are right down the bottom, so its best to click here.

Oric Links

Oric Org
Probably the single most important site out there. News, a software database, chat facilities and more! Now taking up a lot of my time, so not so many updates here at the 'Dragon!

Oric World
A major site by Fabrice Francés, lots of Oric stuff here including the Oric emulator Euphoric, which has its home here. PC users can download version 0.99n of the Oric emulator, then follow this link to get the upgrade to version 1.00. Also includes a Microtan 65 section.

Club Europe Oric
Homepage of the CEO. Includes a huge list of Internet Oric resources. Don't forget to subscribe to their magazine - it's excellent!

Swedish Oric Homepage
Hakan's site is back! One of the the best sites to visit online, it has returned. Lots of Oric goodies to download from here including the Oric 1 manual.

Defence Force
Dbug's website. Another site with lots to see & do. Contains an Oric programming tutorial, a library of Oric book covers (some complete downloads too), downloads of excellent Oric demos & much more!

M.E.S.S Homepage
This multi-machine emulator now emulates the Oric. Not as good as Euphoric, but also emulates lots of other machines.

Oric Webring
The web-ring has links to users, emulators & technical info, software sites.

Pascal's Oric Page
As well as some nice Oric icons, Pascal is working on improving the Oric ROM. The V1.22 ROM for the Atmos is here. Includes a Euro symbol for Europhiles! An improved DRAW command (25% faster) was featured in V1.21. Bug fixes are also included such as for the IF, THEN, ELSE error. Fully backwards compatible with previous ROMS.

Geoff Phillips' Homepage
Geoff was an Oric programmer & author in days of yore. Visit his site for some of his memories & a complete transcript of his book on graphics & machine code.

The homepage of Jonathan Bristow - author of many Oric programs. A website with a lot to see & do. This site is big, there is a lot to download and lots of technical info for your delectation.

Another place with lots of useful Oric information. Nicely laid out too. Recommended viewing!

Romu's Oric Site
Some really good stuff here, of particular note are the type-in programs (with screenshots) and inlay covers.

Excellent Spanish page with some interesting programs to download (and some even more interesting ones which are not yet available!). Not updated anymore but still worth a look.

Richard Bannisters Page
Home of the Oric emulator for the Macintosh - Oric/MacOS.

Simon's Oric Page
Lots more Oric info here including some game images, maps, hints & a section on Oric light pens (use as a mouse in Euphoric!). Essential for Tyrann 2 "Le Fer D'Amnukor" fans!

Hit The Marc!
A site in French & English. Downloads & tips. Nice selection of two line programs for you to try.

Shoot Again!
Dominique Pessan's site includes several articles (in French) on how to convert famous games to be compatible with joysticks.

Peter's Oric 1 Page
This page has schematics for the Oric 1 motherboard & disc controller.

Oric Trek Page
Dedicated to Oric Trek by Salamander Software.

André Majorel's Home Page
Interesting site. Includes information on Jasmin disc drives and a MIDI/Minitel interface. There is a program here to read Oric discs from Linux, plus a few other odds and ends.

Andrew's Oric Page
Andrew had several type-in programs published in computer magazines in the early 80's. Download them here. I remember typing these in when I was young!

This site shows you some details of a French bulletin board service. Includes Oric material.

Early Programming On The Oric 1
Some Oric 1 memories from an Italian user.

Oric Review
A Your Computer review of the Oric is transcribed here.

Look in the Computer section for a list of Oric adventure games - 56 listed last time I looked.

Classic Adventure Solution Archive
Oric adventurers may find this site (its well worth a visit).

Old Computers.COM
A good museum/data source with Oric content.

The Home Computer Hall Of Fame
Have an Oric section of course!

The Dot Eaters/The Number Crunchers
A German online computer museum with Oric content.

Steve Coopers Homepage
Has an Oric bit too.

Musee D'Histoire Informatique
A French online computer museum.

Chema's Oric Page
Another Spanish Oric page.Not much to see at the moment, but it may grow.

Sinclair User
An Oric review appeared in Sinclair User Issue 14 and an online version can be found here.

Rhetoric magazine is no longer running, but the website remains here.

Microtan 65 Links
The Microtan 65 was a modular computer that, in many respects, was the father of the Oric 1.
Microtan 65 Page
Come here for details of the Microtan. There is an emulator, programs and scanned copies of rare Microtan magazines to download here too.

Microtan 65 Review
A scanned review from Your Computer magazine October 1981 can be found here (page 45 onwards).
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