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About The Reluctant Dragon
The Reluctant Dragon - Picture Courtesy of Richard Normandie
The Reluctant Dragon - Picture Courtesy of Richard Normandie
After being completely unable to think of a decent name for this website I turned for inspiration to two of my other interests - flying and mythology. The title for this site comes from the nose art applied to a Rockwell B-1B Lancer, No. 86-0103 of the United States Air Force. We have been fortunate enough to see this aircraft on three occasions since the early 90's, twice in static displays at RAF Mildenhall (the latest being the 2001 show) and in the flying display at RAF Waddington. 86-0103 was not the first aircraft to carry this titling, it having been applied to a B-17G of the 96th Bomb Group during World War 2, the crew taking the name from the Disney film of the same name. If anyone can supply me with more details of either of these aircraft, I would be very interested.

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