The Reluctant Dragon  

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The Oric Book List
This is a list of all the books which were published for the Oric range of computers. It covers all known books printed in English and published in the UK. A few books of French origin are also included and this section has been expanded thanks to Dbug. Oric users from all countries are encouraged to forward any relevant book information. Any mistakes in the documents are mine - please help correct them. There are two files available which can be downloaded for viewing in spreadsheets. Both have been zipped to minimise downloading time. The first file is for Lotus 123 Release 9. A conversion to the Excel format is also supplied below for those using this program. I do not have access to Excel so have no idea how this file will look when you open it or whether the conversion process has butchered the formatting.

Oric Booklist for Lotus 123 Version 9 (6K)

Oric Booklist for Microsft Excel (6K)

If you are interested in Oric books, try the Defence Force site for pictures & more in-depth information on many of the titles mentioned in the above files.

The Oric 1 Program Book
By Vince Apps

This was one of the first program books I ever got, in fact I am pretty sure it was the first one. A good book for a complete novice to see how BASIC can be used. The zip file below contains a Sedoric DSK image containing all the programs in the book (converted to the Atmos where necessary) and a text file describing each file and giving further information. Special thanks to Bertrand Poupeau for converting Roadrunner to the Atmos. Extra special thanks to Vince Apps for allowing the distribution of the programs contained within this book. All programs taken from this book remain copyright of Vince Apps.

Download the Oric 1 Program Book Disk (68K)


This is a useful little utility taken from the pages of the French Oric magazine Theoric. It is written by André Guichardon. It produces a catalogue of all the files on a tape. Run the program and the titles, start and end addresses and type of program (B for BASIC, C for machine code) will be displayed onscreen and output to a printer. To prevent the output to the printer type: POKE#10CD,60 before running the program. You will also need to set the program up to detect fast or slow recordings. To do this, enter POKE#24D,0 for fast recordings or POKE#24D,1 for slow recordings before running the program. If you wish to stop the program and regain control of the Oric you will have to do a soft reset. Thanks to Andre Majorel for sending me a copy of the article.

Download LCAT/K7 (Zipped .TAP file for Euphoric, 2K)