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Welcome To The Reluctant Dragon

Last updates:

6th June 2004
The Oric FAQ has received a small update

Here you will find much information on the Oric family of computers, which were released in the early 1980's. Click on the relevant sections, which you can see listed on the left and enjoy your visit! Be sure to check out the links page before you leave to find many other Oric relevant websites.

So, what is here for you to see? The following notes should help you find where you would like to go:

Oric FAQ
The Oric FAQ is maintained at "The Reluctant Dragon". A lot of useful and interesting information about the machines, the company and the people behind it all can be found here. If you are new to the Oric or curious and need some background information, be it historical or technical, then this is the place to look at first.

Oric Cheats Directory
Stuck in an Oric game? Need some hints or infinite lives? Looking for an adventure solution or map? Have a look in the Oric Cheats Directory to see if help is already at hand.

Software Reviews
Reviews of Oric software, emulators or tools.

Oric Adventures
A page for fans of Oric adventure games.

A small number of files to download that may be of interest to Oric users.

Oric Links
One of the largest collection of Oric links on the web. Reviewed and updated regularly.

For Sale or Trade
Items available for trade or sale.

Oric Type In Library
Here you will find type-in programs from old magazines.

Oric Lists
Lists of the books and software that was (and is) available for the Oric machines. BOOK LIST NOT YET AVAILABLE.

Telestrat Pages
The section devoted to the Oric Telestrat and Stratos. NOT YET AVAILABLE.

Here you'll find some literature to look at or download. These include manuals and pamphlets (generally shorter reading material).

The Oric Webring
Visit Oric sites that are affiliated with the webring.

Mail address.

About "The Reluctant Dragon"
A little background information.

Miracle Warriors
If you are looking for the complete guide to the Sega Master System game Miralcle Warriors, it is still here:

Behind The Scenes - Or, What Am I Working On At The Moment?
The Software Databank at www.oric.org

"The Reluctant Dragon" picture courtesy of Richard Normandie.

The Reluctant Dragon supports the campaign to get Vulcan XH558 airborne. Please help get the Vulcan back into the air in the UK - click on the above link for more details.

The Oric webring is a great way to find other Oric sites: To access it click on the links below:

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